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Our team love nothing more than creating an image in your head into a real life product or installation.

Bespoke Wall Design

How many times have you walked into a room, only to see the same painted walls, the same usual wallpaper? While this may seem like the normal choice, here at Bespoke Ceilings And Walls, we know that walls don’t need to stick to the usual paint and wallpaper combo you’ve been used to.

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Just as we do with ceilings, one of our passions is creating bespoke and totally unique wall designs and coverings. From a handmade texture in a living room to draw attention and create the illusion of space to glossy wall backdrops that provide both design and functionality, our individual solutions are guaranteed to offer you the ultimate talking point in both domestic and commercial settings.

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Decorative wall textures allow you the ultimate license to let your creativity flow, creating bespoke pieces for you to add character and unique fixtures in any room. We understand however, that actually making it happen is another thing entirely. That’s where we come in. Our team have an incredible 35 years experience collectively when it comes to not only working with the materials we do, by using their incredible knowledge and expertise to create the bespoke designs we’re known for.

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The process is simple yet efficient in that we begin our journey with each client with a free consultation. During this meeting, we discuss the room or space you want to work with and what it is you want to achieve. Whether you’re working from an image that’s entirely of your own thinking or you have an image from a magazine or website to inspire, we can help. We discuss the materials you’d like to use, the mood you’re looking to create and if you’re looking to achieve a certain functionality – say for instance behind a hob or shower head.

Bespoke Wall Design That’s Affordable

Our team love nothing more than creating an image in your head into a real life product or installation. With the help of lighting if and when needed, we can create the most bespoke and unique wall designs. What’s more, we can do so for the most competitive pricing out there. We understand that when most people hear the word bespoke, unaffordable price tags fill their minds but at Bespoke Ceilings And Walls, that’s simply not the case.

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Our team will take you from a free consultation where we discuss your ideas, your needs and desires, all the way through to installation smoothly, efficiently and for a price that’s more affordable than you think.

If you want more information on creating bespoke walls in your domestic or commercial space, simply contact us today.

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The team at Bespoke Ceilings & Walls were a pleasure to deal with, they come up with many ideas which helps you decide what to have!

Jake Topham

I'm over the moon with what the guys created for me, everyone who visits comment on how good it looks.

George Scott

I couldn't fault the team at BCW, the end result is simply fantastic, would 100% recommend.

Sarah Harris