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Ceiling Design

Here at Bespoke Ceilings And Walls we create unique ceiling detail to give a premium feel to the room.

Bespoke Ceiling Design

Designing a customised ceiling is one of the best ways to create a totally unique space, displaying not only your creativity but also your personal taste and preference. Here at Bespoke Ceilings And Walls, we understand that designing a space that runs in line with your identity is essential and we do so by utilizing some incredible skills and experience that we’ve collectively gained over the course of 35 years.

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Customising any space is how anyone will set themselves apart but making an idea in your head transform into a physical manifestation is another matter. With the help of our incredible team, you can do exactly that. At Bespoke Ceilings And Walls, we pride ourselves on working with you when it comes to creating a stretch of ceiling that’s totally bespoke to you and your home or commercial space.

Customise Your Ceiling To Customise Your Space

Whether it’s an idea in your head or an image you’ve found in a magazine, our free consultation will take you through the entire process and show you how we can make virtually anything you could image, a reality. From false ceilings with a multitude of fabrics providing a variety of features and acoustic benefits to containing suspended lighting installations, whatever it is you want in your home, our team can create it. Think illusionary effects, backlit ceilings and even ceilings that provide a light path to a certain area in your home or shop space; just let your imagination run wild.

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With such an experienced and knowledgeable team at your disposal, you can wave goodbye to standard ceilings that you’ve known for years and say hello to new, fresh and innovative ideas that promise to transform your space into something that’s memorable, something that makes you say, “wow” every time you walk into that room.

Create A Ceiling Like You’ve Never Seen Before

There’s certainly no doubt that ceilings have a significant impact on any room in the home. They can help create the ultimate atmosphere within any given space but it takes experts to create it. While many believe adding such additions to a room would garner a price tag worth another mortgage entirely, we’re here to tell you that is simply not the case. Creating such aesthetics, while bespoke and unique in their nature, can actually be done for very competitive pricing, the vast majority of which will be surprised to learn.

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If you’d like more information on the designs of a ceiling, from architecturally designed shapes to more functional craftsmanship, simply contact us today. Enjoy a free consultation where we’ll create your dream design and offer a free no-obligation quote. We guarantee you’ll be surprised at just how affordable a bespoke ceiling really is. Put the sparkle back into your home or commercial space, with Bespoke Ceilings And Walls.

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The team at Bespoke Ceilings & Walls were a pleasure to deal with, they come up with many ideas which helps you decide what to have!

Jake Topham

I'm over the moon with what the guys created for me, everyone who visits comment on how good it looks.

George Scott

I couldn't fault the team at BCW, the end result is simply fantastic, would 100% recommend.

Sarah Harris